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Drug Treatment Court

Gwinnett County Juvenile Court
115 Stone Mountain St.
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046-6900


Drug Treatment Court Team

Traci Moultrie
Program Coordinator
Phone: (770) 619-6043
Fax: (770) 619-6002

Rodney Harris
Phone: (770) 619-6179
Fax: (770) 619-6095

The Clubhouse
Treatment Provider
Phone: (678) 209-2547
Fax: (678) 212-6333


Why Choose Drug Treatment Court?

Q: Do drugs/alcohol play a part in the the charges against me?
Q: Are drugs/alcohol a reason for changes in my behavior, grades, friends, or school attendance?
If you answered YES to either of these questions, you may want to consider the benefits of participating in Drug Treament Court.


Benefits of Drug Treatment Court

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Through an individualized treatment plan, you will learn new ways to deal with the stress in your life. You will learn coping skills, social skills, time management, organization, and healthy life skills. Your Drug Treatment Court staff will help you identify the triggers for your behavior and how to replace the negative behavior with more positive behavior.

DISMISSAL OF CHARGES Successful completion of the Drug Treatment Court program will result in the dismissal of charges against you.

SEALING OF RECORD Once the charges that brought you into the Drug Treatment Court Program are dismissed, they will be sealed.

OUR MISSION The mission of the Gwinnett County Juvenile Drug Treatment Court is to utilize judicial and community-based interventions in order to provide an effective response to youthful offenders and their families. We provide the youth with the life skills needed to maintain education, develop and work towards the successful completion of short and long-term goals, reduce substance abuse, and strengthen the family unit.


Eligibility Conditions for Drug Treatment Court

  1. You must be willing to sign a contract for participation in the Drug Treatment Court program.
  2. You must be willing to commit to your sobriety.
  3. You must participate in each phase of the Drug Treatment Court program.
  4. You must agree to abide by all rules of the Drug Treatment Court.
  5. You must actively participate in all required groups and treatment related activities.
  6. You must accept responsibility for yourself and your actions by being honest and open in your treatment.


The Clubhouse

640 Hillcrest Road
Suite 100-500
Lilburn, GA 30047       Phone: (678) 209-2547       Fax: (678) 212-6333

The Clubhouse is a recovery support, after school program operated by View Point Health. It is designed to assist youth in overcoming drug and alcohol challenges. Youth are empowered to make wise decisions in a family-engaged and peer support model. If you choose to participate in Drug Treatment Court, you will attend The Clubhouse Monday through Friday. Recovery support services are provided to The Clubhouse members and their families along with individualized educational support.