Make checks payable for filing costs plus local sheriff service to CLERK, SUPERIOR COURT. Out of county service should be paid by separate check payable to the serving official. Any publication cost should be paid by separate check payable to the publisher and submitted to the clerk on filing.

Motions or petitions requesting an order filed 30 or more days after judgment or dismissal require new filing costs.

Miscellaneous Fees

Subpoena: $5.00
Motor Vehicle Certificate: $3.00
Certified Copy - 1st Page: $2.50
Certified Copy - After 1st Page (or uncertified copy): $0.50
Recording FI. FA. On GED (General Execution Docket): $6.50
Notary Applications and Renewals: $42.00
Trade name: $166.00


Service Fees



Civil Filing Fees

Family Violence Petition: $0.00
General Civil Action (plus service fee): $213.00