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Civil & Criminal Trial Calendars

Civil and landlord/tenant calendars are held at Gwinnett Justice & Administrative Center (GJAC). Warrant application hearing calendars and felony preliminary hearing calendars are held at Gwinnett County Detention Center (GCDC).

Civil and Landlord/Tenant Calendars (@GJAC)

Dispossessory Calendar 1C - 9:00 AM
Dispossessory Calendar 1D - 9:00 AM
Dispossessory Calendar 1C - 1:00 PM
Dispossessory Calendar 1D - 1:00 PM
Default Calendar - 8:30 AM
Default Calendar - 1:00 PM
No Service Calendar
Contested Calendar- 8:30 AM
Contested Calendar- 1:00 PM
Contested Calendar- 6:30 PM
Garnishment Calendar - 9:00 AM
Garnishment Calendar - 1:00 PM


Warrant Application Hearing Calendars (@GCDC)

Child Abandonment Warrant Application Calendar (Monday Only)
Warrant Application Hearing Calendar (Wednesday Only)


Felony Preliminary Hearing Calendars (@GCDC)

Felony Preliminary Hearing Calendar - 8:30 AM
Felony Preliminary Hearing Calendar - 1:30 PM