We are doing our best to ensure the safety of all by observing social distancing protocols, managing calendar size, and through regular courtroom cleaning. We are also offering video hearings where appropriate. Please review the Guidelines for In-Court Judicial Proceedings posted on the home page of this website.

To request a video hearing or other alternative to in-person hearings, please contact:
For Civil Cases: Mary.Petrella@gwinnettcounty.com or Sandy.Yang@gwinnettcounty.com
For Landlord/Tenant Cases: Brenda.Jenkins@gwinnettcounty.com
For Garnishments: Judy.Baker@gwinnettcounty.com
For any other questions related to scheduling, please contact Kimberly Jenkins at Kimberly.Jenkins@gwinnettcounty.com.

Order Declaring Coronavirus/COVID-19 related Judicial Emergency by The chief justice HAROLD D. MELTON of THE SUPREME COURT OF GEORGIA, acting under authority of O.C.G.A. Sections 38-3-60 et. seq. Read All: Original | 1st Extension | 2nd Extension | 3rd Extension | 4th Extension | 5th Extension | 6th Extension | 7th Extension | 8th Extension | 9th Extension | Modified 9th Extension | 10th Extension

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Magistrate Staff


Kimberly Jenkins
Executive Director
Phone: (770) 822-8081


Brenda Jenkins
Calendar Coordinator
Phone: (770) 822-8091


Judy Baker
Calendar Coordinator
Phone: (770) 822-8188


Sandy Yang
Calendar Coordinator
Phone: (770) 822-8162


Mary Petrella
Calendar Coordinator
Phone: (770) 822-8082