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Dispossessory Action - F.A.Q.s

Can I mail the dispossessory complaint to the court? (MAG 30)

How much does it cost to file a dispossessory action? (MAG 30)

The tenant failed to file an answer within 7 days from service of the summon, so what can I do? (MAG 30)

What are the requirements for a landlord filing a dispossessory action? (MAG 30)

I (tenant) missed the time to file an answer, can I file a late answer? (MAG 30)

Can I (the tenant) appeal my case if I lose? (MAG 30)

Can I answer, appear in Court and/or consent to a Judgment on behalf of my spouse?

Where do I file a dispossessory action to evict my tenants? (MAG 30)

My landlord has failed to make repairs to the premises, so what can I do? (MAG 30)

Can I use self help to evict the tenant from the rental property without the commencement of a dispo (MAG 30)

Does it matter what type of service of the summons and dispossessory action is had on the tenant? (MAG 30)

How does the tenant know that he or she is being sued? (MAG 30)

How is the summons and dispossessory action served on the tenant? (MAG 30)

What items may be included in a dispossessory complaint? (MAG 30)

Can I include a claim for damages done to the premises during the term of the lease? (MAG 30)

The tenant has filed his or her answer, so when will the hearing be held? (MAG 30)

I have been served with a summons for a dispossessory action, what can I do? (MAG 30)

What about my security deposit? (MAG 30)

The landlord actually owes me money, so what can I do? (MAG 30)

Can I present the court with estimates of repair? (MAG 10)

How are (landlord and property) cases presented in court? (MAG 30-500)

How much evidence will I need in order to win my (landlord and property) case? (MAG 30-501)

Do I have to do anything after my judgment is paid? (MAG 30-502)