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Warren Davis
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Judge Warren Davis, Gwinnett Superior Court.

Most lawyers and litigants want to know more about the judge before whom their case is assigned. Judge Davis began his judicial career as a magistrate in 1984 serving in the Gwinnett Magistrate Court. In 1987 he became Chief Magistrate where he served for over twenty-one (21) years supervising 26 magistrates in the court which operated 24 hours/day, 365 days per year. In 2008 he was appointed to the Superior Court. He earned his Master in Judicial Studies Degree from the National Judicial College/University of Nevada. He also earned a B.A. and LL.B. Judge Davis has authored numerous legal articles for training both judges and lawyers. He has received state and national bar association awards for court innovation and public service.

  • Thomas R. Burnside, Jr., - Excellence in Bar Leadership Award – State Bar of Georgia (2009)
  • William R. McMahon Award from the American Bar Association, New York City Annual Convention received the annual award for technical innovation in a court of limited jurisdiction. (2000)
  • Georgia Council of Court Administrators, for help creating video warrant system. (1998)
  • National Association of Counties, Achievement Award Winner for pioneering court innovation. (1998)
Community Service Presentations/Current CLE courses.
Judge Davis is available to present the following presentations. Scheduling can be arranged by calling 770-822-8043.
Drum Majors for Justice: The Legacy of and Lessons from Georgia’s Iconic Civil Rights Lawyers, pages 12-31, (35 minutes)

Community Service Presentations:
You be the Judge - a series of role playing scenarios based upon common criminal sentencing issues where participants portray the prosecution, defense, defendant culminating with the 'sentence' imposed by the participant judge. Age appropriate for high school or above. 60 min.

Peer Review Legal Publications:
GSU, School of Law, Law Review, entitled, Should Georgia’s Misdemeanor Arrest Laws Be Changed To Authorize Issuing More Field Citations? 22 Ga. St. U. L. Rev. 2

Articles published by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education
Professionalism: Survey of Communication Skills (2022)
Professionalism: Emphasizing Ethical Considerations, Prioritizing Values & Implementing Personal and Interpersonal Skills (2019)
Professionalism: Drum Majors for Justice: The Legacy of and Lessons from Georgia’s Iconic Civil Rights Lawyers, pages 12-31 (2018 - State Bar Meeting, Sponsored by: Gate City Bar Association, Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys, State Bar of Georgia Committee to Promote Inclusion in the Profession)
Professionalism: The Lawyer’s Creed, Impairment & Courage (2018)
Professionalism: The Science of Decision-Making (Cognitive biases) (2017)
Trial practice: When Youth & Skill Are Not a Match for Old Age & Treachery! (2015)
Professionalism: An Overview Of Conflict Management (2013)
Professionalism: What Great Movies Can Teach Us About Professionalism (2012)
Professionalism: Developing Practical Decision Making Skills. Update on Georgia Law. (2011 & 2015)
Professionalism: Dealing with Difficult Lawyers and Difficult Clients; Co-wrote materials. Recent Developments (2010)
Professionalism: Developing Strategies for Various Professional & Ethical Dilemmas. Co-wrote materials; Recent Developments. (2008)
27th Annual Family Law Institute (2009)
Domestic Violence - Who is the Victim? Co-wrote a portion of the materials. Institute of Continuing Legal Education, 21st Family Law Institute, Practice Pointers for the Family Lawyer. (2003)
Tips on Practicing in Magistrate Courts..., Institute of Continuing Legal Education, Emerging Issues in Debt Collection. (2000) (Co-author)

Articles written published by the Institute of Continuing Judicial Education
Case Law Update for Judges – (2018 & 2019)
Humanities: The House of Zeus (2017)
Developing Listening Skills for Judges. (2007 & 2008)
"The Do’s and Don’ts of I Do" (2005)

Other publications
Domestic Violence - Recognizing and Dealing with Issues, Solutions & Alternatives. Key Issues in Family Law in Georgia, Published by N.B.I., Eau Claire, WI (1993)

Listening Skills for Lawyers - Local CLE approved by State Bar (2007)


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