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Parenting Seminar (En espanol)

75 Langley Drive
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046-6900
Phone: 770-822-8195
Fax: 770-822-8588
E-Mail: Justin Gargala

The Navigating Family Change: A Parent Seminar is a four-hour educational seminar required of specific domestic actions involving a child or children under 18 years of age where the parties are involved in a divorce, separate maintenance, paternity, change of custody, visitation, legitimation, and any other domestic action, excluding contempt, and generally, domestic violence. The program shall be successfully completed within 31 days of service of the original complaint upon the original defendant. Appropriate action, including but not limited to contempt, may be taken upon a party's failure to successfully complete the workshop. Parties do not have to attend the seminar with their spouses or ex-spouses. Children are not allowed in the workshop. Pre-registration is required.

Below are comments collected from exit surveys of attendees:

  • "I really loved this seminar. I came in today and was very angry to attend. However this is what I needed to take good care of myself and my children. Thank you!"
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the class ... It went fast and the speakers did a great job keeping the audience's attention. The humor helped."
  • "Great workshop. I'm a psychologist for a local school system and I even learned quite a few things."
  • "I felt overwhelmed at the fee as my spouse left us to live on $600 per month ... $30 was a huge sacrifice, but worth every penny. Thank you!"
  • "At first I was hesitant to take this seminar, yet it is by far the best I have attended. The two instructors were excellent and I would advise many people to attend! Very resourceful."

Program Content

Seminar Dates, Times and Directions

All seminars will be held at the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center (75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville, GA 30046). Seminars will be in Conference Room A West Wing, located on the second floor. The seminars begin promptly at the times scheduled. Arrive 15 minutes early to receive your materials. Attendees arriving late will be required to reschedule. You can select “Registration” below to view the dates and times for that month.
If the month you are inquiring about is not listed here, call 770-822-8195.
For directions call 770-822-8000 ext. 6000 or http://www.gwinnettcourts.net/about/map-directions

In order to accommodate the schedules of all parties the seminar is offered four times monthly; including three weekday sessions and one evening session. To further accommodate all parties, this seminar requirement may be satisfied by a certificate from other court sponsored parenting seminars in which their location or times may be more amenable to your schedule.





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