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Home State CourtChief Judge Pamela D. South (Division S5)

Chief Judge Pamela D. South (Division S5)

Pamela D. South
Chief Judge
Phone: (770) 822-8554
Fax: (770) 822-8645

In light of the current judicial emergency, when Judge South presides over a matter wholly by remote video conference, and the public does not have access to the location where Judge South is presiding, a livestream of the proceedings to which the right of open courts applies can be viewed at the following site: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKuk6URpHP7okbFcbluY09w


Dan Whitworth
Staff Attorney
Phone: (770) 822-8556
Fax: (770) 822-8645


Angie Wellmaker
Judicial Assistant (Criminal Matters)
Phone: (770) 822-8554
Fax: (770) 822-8645


Judy Haliasz
Calendar Coordinator (Civil Matters)
Phone: (770) 822-8555
Fax: (770) 822-8645


Linda Archibald
Court Reporter
Phone: (770) 822-8545
Fax: (770) 822-8645


Hillary Schaeffer
Attorney Evens (Solicitor's Office)
Phone: (770) 822-8309


Brittany Carter
Attorney Odds (Solicitor's Office)
Phone: (770) 822-8342


Chandler Gresham
Legal Associate (Solicitor's Office)
Phone: (770) 822-8594


Keandra Gatson
Victim-Witness Coordinator
Phone: (770) 822-8389