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Negotiated Plea Deadlines

It has been announced that a negotiated plea in the cases listed below will not be accepted after the DATE and TIME shown unless extraordinary circumstances are demonstrated to the Judge.

Case NumberPartyDateTimeEvent
17-B-00617-8 David Michael Prindle 02/05/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-01989-8 Abel Lopezrosales 02/05/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02035-8 Leroy Jones 02/05/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02143-8 Thomas Dwayne Thompson 02/05/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02332-8 Desiree Pegueroperez 02/05/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02333-8 Byanca Delapiedad 02/05/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02334-8 Perth Phelan Earl 02/05/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02423-8 Sam Safo 02/05/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02471-8 Taurence Michael Simmons 02/05/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02490-8 Darrean Rashund Smith 02/05/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02499-8 Brandon Marquis Handley 02/05/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-01839-8 Bobby Lee Stewart 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-01988-8 Dmario Latron Beard 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02007-8 Samuel Bowman Jr 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02217-8 Adam Robert Smiddy 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02335-8 Tevin Kennedy Temple 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02422-8 Adrian Bernard Butler 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02445-8 Giovanni Rojas Covarrubias 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02468-8 Zanted Cortaevious Blount 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02500-8 Ali Saad Muhammad 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02518-8 Francisco Maldonado 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02591-8 Derek Winston Davis 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02626-8 Maurice Lamont Brown 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02704-8 Charleta Yvonne Carter 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02730-8 Ashlyn Nicole Boyd 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02745-8 Jessica Watson Johnson 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02746-8 Joshua Allen Donaldson 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02864-8 Detra Rene Petite 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02880-8 Darrin Bradford Tukey 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03122-8 Torrell Dontray Booker 03/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02110-8 Robert Levan Gilyard 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02129-8 Latrice Elizabeh Harris 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02606-8 Fermin Antonio Gomezcisneros 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02695-8 Javier Adalberto Villanueva 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02732-8 Robert Lee Schroeder 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02863-8 Gustavo Nunez 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02944-8 Nicholas Orlando Bustamante 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02948-8 Jessie Gray Holloman 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03027-8 Shaquille M Gillespie 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03079-8 Oscar William Byrd 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03123-8 Sally Ann Cardin 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03197-8 Marcus Antonio Martin 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03201-8 Humberto Parra 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03254-8 Richard Allen Schalk 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03452-8 Christian Beltran 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03585-8 Joseph Binu Kurien 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03646-8 Maurice Ray Revels 04/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02636-8 Zachery William Todd 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02696-8 Kaila Yane Lofton 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03059-8 Lori Leigh Cox 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03124-8 Kingsley N Omesiete Jr 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03194-8 Stephen Omodiale Odiboh 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03397-8 Martin Fitzgerald Knowlton 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03649-8 Agustin Lopezperez 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03879-8 Kathy Anita Edwards 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03880-8 Geoffrey Allen Williams 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-04016-8 Sanchez Romero 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline


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