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Guardian Ad Litem Unit

The Guardian Ad Litem Unit provides staff attorneys to represent children who are alleged to be dependent. The Guardian Ad Litems also represent children in cases involving custody issues in Juvenile and Superior Court.

Gwinnett County Juvenile Court
115 Stone Mountain St.
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046-6900
Phone: 770-619-6069
Fax: 770-619-6090


Staff Directory

Ashley Stinson Supervising Attorney
  Phone: 770-619-6061
Tara-Anne Canada Staff Attorney
  Phone: 770-619-6064
Donald Lee Staff Attorney
  Phone: 770-619-6060
Kelley Kautz Staff Attorney
  Phone: 770-619-6063
Chevelle Douglas Staff Attorney
  Phone: 770-619-6065
Derek Brownlee Staff Attorney
  Phone: 770-619-6072
Michelle Jordan Staff Attorney
  Phone: 770-619-6076
Christina Bridger Staff Attorney
  Phone: 770-619-6062
Kelly Farrell Case Coordinator
  Phone: 770-619-6070
Ritchie Parker Case Coordinator
  Phone: 770-619-6068
Donetta Reed Case Coordinator
  Phone: 770-619-6067
Robin Heard Case Coordinator
  Phone: 770-619-6066


Administrative Legal Assistant

Melissa Mclean Legal Assistant
  Phone: 770-619-6069