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Negotiated Plea Deadlines

It has been announced that a negotiated plea in the cases listed below will not be accepted after the DATE and TIME shown unless extraordinary circumstances are demonstrated to the Judge.

Case NumberPartyDateTimeEvent
15-B-00920-8 Linda Mckenzie 04/24/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02636-8 Zachery William Todd 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02696-8 Kaila Yane Lofton 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03059-8 Lori Leigh Cox 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03124-8 Kingsley N Omesiete Jr 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03194-8 Stephen Omodiale Odiboh 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03397-8 Martin Fitzgerald Knowlton 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03649-8 Agustin Lopezperez 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03879-8 Kathy Anita Edwards 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03880-8 Geoffrey Allen Williams 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-04016-8 Sanchez Romero 05/04/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03622-8 Ben Cherian 05/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-02862-8 Evan Demetrius Fuller 06/11/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03051-8 Larry William Maddox 06/11/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03122-8 Johnny Artez Dubose 06/11/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03122-8 Ronald L Dubose 06/11/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03165-8 Regina Aguilarlopez 06/11/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03195-8 Madylin Shade Lawhorn 06/11/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03565-8 Wesley Allen Bagwell 06/11/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03647-8 Michael Ren Wysolovski 06/11/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-04302-8 Tyre Mathew Cheatham 06/11/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-04302-8 Martha Ann Jones 06/11/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-04557-8 Deshawn Jaled Amani Robinson 06/11/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03157-8 Neshana Danielle Harper 07/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03877-8 Shawlando A Jackson 07/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-04192-8 Jose Antonio Rosado 07/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-04410-8 Stephen Pierre Giovanni Lee 07/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-04774-8 Lawrence Areil Kinnie 07/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-04774-8 Joquez Zaquan Cleaces 07/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-04866-8 Alex Joseph Haynie 07/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-04882-8 Alex Joseph Haynie 07/09/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-03815-8 Jeron Monterreal Simmons 08/13/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-04578-8 Christa Renee Wilson 08/13/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-04773-8 Latrice Elizabeth Harris 08/13/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline
17-B-04866-8 Ramon Gayton 08/13/201812:00AMNegotiated Plea Deadline


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